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has direct and priviledged contacts with the local government and has put a resolution into action in Florence regarding the important issue of street furniture regarding the location of the ecological islands (underground containers) in the area of Via Tornabuoni.

 Regarding the realisation of the project to redo Via Tornabuoni on behalf of the local government, the Municipality, in accordance with the institutions who are involved ( Municipality of Florence, Department for Mobility, Quadrifoglio, Superintendence of Cultural Heritage), had decided to position one of the two ecological islands in Via Tornabuoni, in front of the “Pucci” boutique.



by contacting the above-mentioned institutions, pointing out how this location would be inadequate both from an esthetic point of view of street furniture and for hygienic reasons. Due to the prestige that Via Tornabuoni benefits from, even internationally, that decision, according to TornabuoniClass was not compatible with the above-mentioned location as was also pointed out by the local newspapers (cfr. “press review”).

At present, the final decision as regards the location of the ecological islands in the area of Via Tornabuoni does not appear to have been made by the local government. Nevertheless, the Association will continue to pay attention to this isssue, keeping in contact with all the public agencies who are responsible.



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